A downloadable game for Windows

Special Thanks

Main menu and Title Design : Badr Achich

Game Icon Design : Forticher

The Game

"The Magician" is a castlevania-like platformer where you play a strong mage who has to kill the terrible darkness magician. The journey is hard, but with patience and talent, it's sure you can !

The game is really hard, so don't hesitate to show me if you win ! To finish the game will unlock a new mode, but i let you discover it :') (The gamepad is highly recommanded !)

Left : <== OR joystick

Right : ==> OR joystick

Jump : Space OR A/X

Fire Spell : E OR B/O

Earth Spell : Z OR Y/TRIANGLE

Ice Spell : A OR X/SQUARE

Install instructions

Unzip the .zip file

Execute "The Magician.exe"

Play :)


The Magician.zip 25 MB

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