A downloadable game for Windows

Made by Nilodree for Minimalistic Jam 2 ==> https://itch.io/jam/minimalistic-jam-2
in : 69 hours

You need a gamepad to play this game.
To attack an ennemy, you have to charge without moving and use the correct button to hit him. (X,Y,A,B)

Move : Joycon
Charge = RB (Right Shoulder)
Roll = RL (Left Shoulder)
If you are stuck in a wall (^^) = Ctrl

I'm really proud of this game and I hope you'll have fun :)


-8-bit Castlevania SotN - Wandering Ghosts (VRC6)

-Super Mario World - Castle Theme (8-bit remix)

-New Super Mario Bros. Castle Theme 8 Bit

-TLoZ: Twilight Princess - Stallord Second Phase 8-bit Remix

-Piranha Plant's Lullaby (8-Bit)


Install instructions


-Read the README



Soul Quest.zip 22 MB

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